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Gift Ideas for Traveler Dads
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Show how much you cherish that father in your life (your dad, your brother who’s a daddy, your father-in-law, etc.) who loves to travel by getting him something that’s travel awesome for Father’s Day. Be it a nifty water bottle with a built-in purifier (how cool is that!) or as common as a comfy travel pillow (never gets old), these travel essentials would not only bring him joy on the occasion, but are packed with loads of usefulness to boot!

1.Bobble Water Bottle

A Bobble water bottle is no ordinary water bottle. It’s reusable, and it comes with its own replaceable carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants while dad’s on the go, so it’s perfect for traveling especially when he’s not sure of the water quality of the place he’s in.

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2. Flexo Line Clothesline

Flexo Line ClotheslineDoing his own laundry, especially during those long travels, helps him save on laundering costs as well as saves him the hassle of trying to find a laundromat (And trust me how so much a hassle that is as I’ve had my fair share of finding them via Google maps and getting lost in the process, only to find out in the end that what used to be a laundromat in the map is now a bakery! True story).

Flexo Line ClotheslineEnter Flexo Line clothesline, your laundry buddy. Flexo Line clothesline is made from durable rubber tubing that’s braided so dad won’t be needing clothes pins anymore. It stretches up to seven feet and can hold up to 12 lbs. All he needs is to loop it around doorknobs or rods, and he’s good to go. And since Flexo Line Clothesline is lightweight and small, it can easily be tucked into his luggage, or even just in his day bag.

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3. Bag Protector Alert

Bag Protector AlertKeep dad’s luggage safe with this bag protector alert from Doberman Security. It is a motion sensor alarm that is triggered when his bags or other valuables are being moved or taken away.

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4. Portable Door Lock

Addalock Portable Door LockYour dad would sleep in peace in any room with these portable door locks in place. It is easy to install and can be removed in seconds, and without need of tools too. When not traveling, it can be used at home as well.

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5. Portable Charger

Power Bank Portable ChargerTraveling can drain one’s gadgets’ battery. All those picture-takings and what have you definitely put a number on these batteries, so a portable battery charger is not only handy, but also ensures he won’t miss taking a snap of that wonderful Kodak moment!

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6. Travel Pillow

Travel PillowA travel pillow always comes in handy. Whether he finds himself in a trans-Atlantic flight, a long train ride, or even just waiting at a station for the next bus to arrive, he can take comfort in the fact that he has a comfy pillow to rest his head on.

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7. To-Go Clip

To-Go ClipSee to it that dad gets hydrated 24/7 by making sure he’s got his water bottle with him all the time. To-Go Clip is the way to do that. It’s a clip that holds beverages (not just water bottles, but also coffee and others) and can be clipped on to bikes, strollers, and others.

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There you go. Let us know if you have additional wonderful travel gift ideas for Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all dads!

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