What the Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveler?
Tourist or Traveler: Which Are You?
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So you’ve been to trips. Or vacations. Call them what you like. But amidst all that planning, or sightseeing, have you ever, ever wondered, even for just a bit, which are you: a Tourist or a Traveler?

I never actually gave that that much thought, come to think of it. But coming across this fantastic infographic released by Splendid Asia—your partner in making that marvelous Maldives getaway a dream come true—had got me seriously thinking. And at the end of this informative and oh-so-enjoyable read, I finally found what I am!

Please go over “What’s the Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveler?” and tell us which kind you are! Trust me, it is fun, and revealing, and a splendid way to get to know yourself. Spoiler alert: if you’re a stickler for following itineraries, then there’s a fat chance you’re probably a tourist.

Have fun and, again, comment below which type you are!


What the Difference Between a Tourist and a Traveler?

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