Bruges Belgium Canal Cruise
My Favorite Travel Moments of 2015
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As 2015 came to a close, I’d like to look back on my favorite travel moments of the year. I know this post is kinda late (others have been posting theirs as early as the first week of December), but the holidays have been really busy and hectic, so…

Anyway, I had fewer travels in 2015 than I had in 2014, but our trips last year were more evenly spaced and relaxed, no rushing or stressing. We lingered on some places that we like more than the others—taking time to enjoy and get to know it up close and personal—that some days we just sat for hours on a park bench or a café, taking in the views, sounds, and smell. On the other hand, we chose to pack our bags after only a day or two on those places that were somewhat a copy of the other destinations we’ve been to.

So, it was a great year—travel-wise—all in all, and just like the years before, I ended it with a good dose of lovely memories that would put a smile on my face in the years to come. So here are my favorite travel moments of 2015. Click on the photos for bigger views.

1. Bruges Canal Cruise

Bruges Belgium Canal Cruise

We paid  €10 for a canal cruise that would last for only 30 minutes, but it was definitely worth it. It was a fun way to see and get to know Bruges. There’s going around on a bike, of course, but riding on a small boat with the wind blowing on your face and the sounds of splashing water is more exciting. If you only get to do one thing while in Bruges, then I suggest you take the canal cruise.

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2. Night Stroll in Bruges

When the tour buses have departed and the sun has set, Bruges is transformed into this romantic and mysterious haven. I love walking around at night on those centuries-old streets, enjoying the quiet, and basking in the warm glow of the street lights—magical!

3. Checking out Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Amsterdam Holland Netherlands

We were not lucky enough to see the Red Light District during our first visit to Amsterdam (what?? I know, right?), so we made it a point to do so last year. It was a Saturday, so the area was packed with a lot of revelry going on. Still we managed to do the tour, even if we had to squished ourselves in the crowd. But it was fun! We even came upon this Cannabis College (left photo), over which we had a good laugh, and successfully found our way to this so-called smallest house in Amsterdam (right photo).

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4. Rijksmuseum Visit (Finally!)

Going inside the Rijksmuseum was also something that we missed on our first trip to Amsterdam. We sure made it one of our priorities on our second one.

5. Antwerp Central Station

We made sure Antwerp Central Station was where we would change trains en route to Bruges because we heard how a must-see this station is. It didn’t disappoint.

Antwerp Central Train Station

6. Lazing at Prague’s Old Town

We had high expectations of Prague, and it delivered. We went on a summer, which was perfect for lazing at Prague’s Old Town, basking in the views and people-watching.

Prague Old Town

Prague Old Town

Prague Old Town

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7. Watching the Astronomical Clock in Action

The famed Astronomical Clock in Prague gets its fair share of admirers, but wait for the hourly show and its gets mobbed with people wanting to catch a glimpse. We arrived early to ensure we’d get front seats; no, we didn’t get them, but we still had a good view of the action.

Prague Astronomical Clock

8. Catching the Sun Set at Charles Bridge

Summer may not be the best time to stroll through the famous Charles Bridge—what with the crush of tourists and all—but we survived; even caught a glimpse of a beautiful sunset while we were at it, definitely one of my favorite moments.

Prague Charles Bridge

9. Strolling Charles Bridge at Night

Night stroll at Charles Bridge was fun. There were musicians playing lively music, merchants selling their wares, and other whatnots.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

Plus you get gorgeous views of the Vltava river.

10. Climbing Our Way to Prague Castle

While climbing those stairs to Prague Castle was a bit of a work, it was all worth it as we got some beautiful views of Prague on the way up.

Prague Castle Czech Republic

Postcard-perfect Prague is laid out in all its centuries-old glory.

So there—my favorite travel moments of 2015. What are yours?

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